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A three-phase generator is the kind of generator which generates the power in three different phases, each of which is apart by 120 degrees. All the phases are joined to each other at a point which is commonly called the neutral point. A three power phase is much cheaper as compared to the single power phase. One of the most common examples where a three-phase generator is used is a car generator. The three phases are then converted to one single-phase DC with the help of a voltage rectifier.

The triple phase power of electricity is one of the most common methods of AC power generation, the transmission and then distribution. The electrical grids mostly use this system across the globe in order to transfer power. Heavy loads and other large motors also use this system of power generation. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of three-phase generator is that the generator will not drop absolutely to zero for this kind of the circuit provides three different alternating currents.

Three phase generators are the best choice for the places of heavy work and immense power consumption like the agricultural, industrial and commercial and other professional places. All these places need a constant supply of power. In such cases, a three-phase generator will help to complete the task with great efficiency and a safe and constant supply of power.

Mechanism Of The Functioning Of A Three Phase Generator

Now let us have a look into the functioning of a three-phase generator. In a three-phase generator, there are the three conductors, each of which has the same voltage and frequency and has a difference in phase of ⅓ rd of the period. Due to the difference in the phase, the voltage of a conductor can reach the peak when it is at the ⅓ rd of them as well as the ⅓ rd of the cycle before the rest of the conductor. It is this delay in phase which enables the constancy in the transfer of power to balance a linear load.  This also makes it easy to produce a magnetic field that is rotating. In this manner, it can also generate other phase arrangements with the help of transformers.

How Is It Advantageous To Use Three Phase Generator

As we know, a three-phase generator is used mainly in the large devices. There are a number of ways in which using a three-phase generator can prove to be very beneficial.

  1. They are an ideal choice for the large equipment for they are able to provide the equipment with an equal amount of power which are smaller and also very light.
  2. They are very efficient.
  3. These generators have a constant “total instantaneous power” because the torque is constant and therefore the vibrations suffered is less.
  4. The windings are used efficiently.
  5. The total power never drops to zero.

Taking all these features into consideration, a three-phase generator is always an ideal choice for the places that need a continuous supply of power and where the failure of the power supply can cause a great deal of trouble.

Pb120et-3 – 11,000w 3 Phase Generator With Battery

This product, which is powered by 20hp Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard is a device that is featured with an electric and a recoil start. This equipment has a fuel tank which is 18 liters long. It also has a battery. This device is ideally used in the farms, workshops, and household and in electric motors which range up to 30,000 W. However power consumption at a single time has to be less than 11,000W. This device has the capability of operating more than one electric motor at a time but heavy currents should b allowed for during the starting. However, it has to be noted that the total output that is available in one phase is equal to one-third fraction of the total output. The options include the handle roll kind of frame as well as wheels, a module for work site or for hire spec protection. The fuel tank can be extended up to 50 liters.

Pb120et-3 – 11,000w 3 Phase Generator With Battery

The Most Important Features Of The Device Are Discussed Below:

  • Wattage: 11,000W
  • Tank Litres: 18
  • Rating in Industry: 12kVA
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Dimensions: 850x500x600 mm
  • Litre of Fuel Per Hour: 5.1
  • Fuel to be Used: Petrol
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Why Should One Buy This Product

The main reason why one purchases a three-phase generator is that it can provide a continuous supply of power for the total power never drops to zero. This is an ideal choice for the places which require a constant supply of power. Also, the expandable capacity of the tank makes it an ideal investment.

Honda 750 Va Handy Series Portable Generator Ep 1000

With this device, the power cuts are no more a concern. This generator is extremely portable to use and it is painted in black and in bright red. This device is designed to provide all the user’s an easy experience so that they can enjoy a completely noise-free encounter. This innovative technology brought about by Honda uses sound mufflers of immense size that can easily absorb the noise that is produced by the generators. It has a design which is very compact and is capable of delivering the best performance. It weighs around 27.4 kgs. The light weight of the device makes it very easy to move, portable and also suitable to be operated with a large number of appliances. This device has a fuel tank which has the capacity of holding up to 3.6 liters of fuel. It is also well equipped with echo throttle system which can offer a great efficiency of fuel. It can help to keep the environment and the house very healthy and comfortable.

The wheels are specially designed with castor which facilitates ease of movement. The manual starter recoil enables easy to start. It is also filled with the goodness of 4-stroke technology which assures great efficiency of fuel. This adds a much greater convenience of the machine.

This generator is the best suited for smaller workplaces and for residential homes. Apart from being extremely portable and a ready-to-use model, it is also very easy to operate. Hence, let not power cuts bother you anymore. Relax.

Honda 750 Va Handy Series Portable Generator Ep 1000.jpg

Specifications Of The Product

  • Weight: 27.4 kg (approx)
  • Type of Engine: OHV, Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Continuous Time of Running: 6.7 hours
  • Dimensions: 404x352x431 mm
  • Additional features: The three chambers enable an improved thermal balance. It is very eco-friendly, has a design that is salient and is extremely efficient.
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Voltage: 230 V
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What Are The Advantages Of A Three Phase System Over A Single Phase System

There are a number of ways in which a three-phase system is more advantageous than a single phase system. Some of the ways are discussed below:

  1. A three-phase system will deliver power constantly. In a circuit that is single phase, the power that is delivered is pulsating and at times might even be objectionable.
  2. A polyphase machine will tend to give an output that is much higher than any machine for single phase for any given size of the frame.
  3. The induction motors of the three-phase generators are efficient and can start on their own. On the contrary, a single phase motor doesn’t have any starting torque. There always has to be an auxiliary means for propelling the motor.
  4. As compared to a single phase motor, the three-phase motor has a much higher efficiency and power factor.
  5. Any polyphase motor is extremely robust and is relatively cheap. They are comparatively smaller as compared to the single phase generators and are therefore easy to move. They provide an output which is very steady.
  6. For the equal amount of power that is produced at the exact same voltage, the three-phase generator needs a material of less conduction as compared to a single phase transmission system.
  7. A three system generator can be set up by rotating the magnetic field in the stationary windings.

Disadvantages Of A Three-Phase Generator

However, there are also a large number of disadvantages of a three-phase generator. A three-phase generator requires the involvement of a large number of wires. It also requires the involvement of a huge number of transformers which lead to a higher cost. This also increases the need for and the expenses of maintenance. After all, each of the three phases needs to be protected individually. Apart from that, if all the electronic gadgets and the appliances of your home function on a three-phase supply, then the motors that are used for the compressors in fridges or the fans and other gadgets will also have to function on three phases. The three-phase motors are expensive, and therefore, more amount of money has to be paid to the companies who provide electric supply as rent because the three-phase systems are more expensive as compared to the two-phase systems.

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