DuroMax XP2000EH 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

The portable, lightweight generator for meeting many of your power backup needs

If you are looking for a generator that can be lightweight, handy, easy to carry and cater to most of your power backup needs apart from the grid then this is the best product to choose from.  Now forget your worries about the grid failures or the provisions for lights in the camping site by possessing and tucking it away to any place you desire.

DuroMax XP2000EH 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

Material/Built Quality

  • The body is made of metal with a compact, intense look.
  • Daisy Chaining is very easy to do as it has a parallel capability.
  • It comes with the hoses and all connectors that are made as per stipulated standard.
  • The generator has an ergonomic design without any sharp edges.
  • The knobs and the regulators are made of a hard plastic material to withstand the powerful operation.

Look & Feel

When it comes to the look and feel, this 2000 watt generator is quite eye-catching and impressing.  It is designed as per modern choices with the state of the art material and that too in vibrant blue color and does not look like the traditional engines and motors. The design is very aesthetically done by the manufacturer.


With the handle at the top and the generator being lightweight, it can be easily carried to different places without trouble. It is perfect for using anywhere as a source for power backup. The recoil start, the leverage handle, and the oversized noise reducing Buffer along with the spark arrestor is convenient to use it safely in camping or any job sites.

Unique Features

The DuroMax XP2000EH 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator comes with a wide range of features and is the best in its scope to cater to various backup services.

  • The displacement of the engine is 80 cc.
  • The maximum output the generator can provide is 2000 watts.
  • The rated out is 1600 watts
  • The horsepower of the XP2000EH generator is 3 HP.
  • It gives 120 volts of current.
  • The engine is four stroke single cylinders type.
  • It works on single phase.
  • With Gasoline, it can run continuously for 8 hours, and with Propane gas, it has a runtime of 20 hours with 20 lbs tank.
  • It has provision for low oil shutdown.
  • The smart throttle technology controls the idle speed of the generator to save energy.
  • The starting mechanism is of recoil method.
  • The weight of this model is 47 lbs, and the dimensions are 19.5 X 19.6 X 10.5 inches.
  • It is a hybrid generator having a dual system of fueling. It can be fuelled by gasoline as well as Propane depending upon the availability

  • Lightweight and the dimensions are not are perfect to carry to anywhere.

  • The manufacturer provides hoses and all connections.

  • The low oil shut down mechanism prevents the engine from burning out or ceasing as the generator automatically shuts down sensing low oil

  • The sidekick allows for easy daisy chaining with another generator to produce more wattage.

  • The fuel source can be switched over from gasoline to propane or vice versa within seconds

  • The price is very affordable and comparable when it comes to other generators of this range. The price matches the features it gives and not at all over-priced

  • Cons

  • If it runs on gas, it can only run on 20 lbs gas cylinders and not smaller ones.

  • The gasoline tank is small, can run just for 8 hours for one complete filing requiring to fuel every 8 hours.

  • Consumes 1 lbs of propane in 1 hour, consumption is bit high.

  • The gasoline tank is small, can run just for 8 hours for one complete filing requiring to fuel every 8 hours.

  • Noise level is a bit more than its competitor models.

DuroMax XP2000EH 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator


 Though small, this is a powerhouse to provide energy for all your camping needs as well as most of your home needs or small showroom or office needs. It is effortless to maintain, and the dual mode is advantageous to fuel it. It is one of the generators that are CARB & EPA approved, and the pollution remains under control. So when it comes to your power back up solutions, you can trust this generator.  It comes with three years Residential limited factory warranty with one-year Commercial Limited factory warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee, and you cannot ask for anything more.

DuroStar DS4400EHF 4400-Watt Fortress Hybrid Propane/Gas Generator w/ Wheel Kit and Electric Start

This is another power-packed generator from the house of DuroMax that works like a beast

While looking for a generator of 4000 watt and above, rugged yet easy to maneuver in your backyard or at the job site for getting continuous power without the grid even at extreme conditions you can trust the fortress of power with blindfolds.

DuroStar DS4400EHF 4400-Watt Fortress Hybrid Propane Gas Generator w Wheel Kit and Electric Start.jpg

Material/Built Quality

  • It is encased in a rugged and durable trolley that is made up of heavy-duty steel tubing of 1-inch diameter.
  • The generator sits on the steel frame easily without blocking any parts that are required for operation.
  • It comes with the battery for electric starting on pressing of a button.
  • The wheels of the trolley and the folding handle are big enough to pull the generator easily.

Look & Feel


As for the look, this 4400-watt generator is of the right size to provide enough power for all your household need. It has a sturdy and robust look, and from the beginning, one has a feeling that it is the generator to deliver the good. With dual starting system, the generator gives confidence to the user of not betraying to start at the time of need.


With the folding handle and the nylon tyres of the trolley that do not go flat like the rubber ones, the generator can be carried at any corners. It is a perfect power backup source in case of failures in the grid or in the field where there is no other source of energy to run electrical machines or light up the dark area.


Model DuroStar DS4400EHF 4400-Watt Fortress Hybrid Propane/Gas Generator with Wheel Kit and Electric Starting system has a specification that is best in the hybrid type of generators in its sector.

  • It has an engine displacement of 196 cc that is very much required to generate more power.
  • The maximum output the generator can give is 4400 watts.
  • The engine of DS4400EHF is 7 horsepower 4 stroke type that can back up the operation of the freeze, pump, and heavy wattage electrical gadgets.
  • It is a hybrid generator that can run on gasoline as well as propane gas.
  • It has a dual starting system, both electrical, as well as latch starting system, is provided.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank I of 4 gallons that can give a continuous run of 8 hours.
  • It supplies 120 volts of electricity.
  • The generator has a noise level of 69 decibels.
  • It maintains CARB & EPA compliances and has a 50 State –Status.
  • The power panels are very hardy with 2 -120 volts, 20 ampere 3 prong outlet and 1 – 120/240 volts, 30-ampere twist lock outlet.
  • It has a nicely visible voltmeter and a 12 volts DC output.
  • Noise dampening mufflers are provided to reduce the noise level.
  • The dimension of the generator with the trolley is 36 X 21 X 24 inches, and the weight is 160 lbs.
  • Low oil shutoff system is included that prevents engine damage.
  • Pros

  • It is a good power generator for backup and recreational purposes.

  • The generator comes with the full power panel with a voltmeter.

  • Electric starting system enables for a smooth start and relieves from arm-twisting techniques.

  • It has a great continuous runtime with propane gas.

  • The wheels are made of robust nylon and are never punctured.

  • Cons

  • The noise level is bit high though there is noise dampening mufflers.

  • The price of the generator is bit high when compared with its competitors in this output category.

  • The actual output is 3500 watts.

  • The generator does not have the idle control system.

DuroStar DS4400EHF 4400-Watt Fortress Hybrid Propane/Gas Generator w/ Wheel Kit and Electric Start

Final Thoughts

Hybrid generators are also more costly with provision for running on gasoline as oil as on propane when we compare the price of this generator with its competitor in this class, the model DS4400EHF 4400 is priced negligibly higher, but it has many added features that other brands do not have. The electric starting system, the CARB/ EPA approval or the rugged trolley with the handles that can fold are other extra benefits one can get in this generator. It is indeed a fortress catering all the needs when comes to power backup.


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