Honda 2000 Generator- Expert Review 2018

It is really difficult to pick the right generator as per your needs. However, there is one generator you can never go wrong with. The Honda EU2000i inverter generator is one of the best and the most recommended portable generators. It runs on an Eco-throttle mechanism that makes sure to control the engine speed automatically. The speed is kept at an optimum level according to the load that is getting used. It has the minimum noise level imaginable. Honda never dissatisfies its users with the products provided. Let’s take a look at the key features

Honda EU2200IC 2200-Watt Companion Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Key Features Of The Honda 2000 Generator

  • The EU20001 model provides a starting power of 2000W and stabilizes at 1600W continuous power.
  • The OHC engine is air cooled and has a 4 stroke overhead valve. The engine is GX100 and its equally powerful and efficient.
  • As already mentioned there’s this Eco throttle system that controls the speed of the engine in accordance with the load on the generator. This enables it to utilize the fuel more efficiently and at the same time reduces the noise that is produced by the generator.
  • At full load this generator runs for 3.4 hours and at half load it runs for over 8 hours. So it is great for overnight power cuts or when you are travelling overnight.
  • There are special materials in this generator which dampen the sound making it one of the quietest generators of the entire world.
  • As mentioned, it’s super quiet. So its sound level is 59 decibels and 53 decibel at maximum load and quarter load respectively. So you can use it anywhere where quiet operation is necessary.
  • It weights even lesser than 46 pounds. So it’s easy to carry around wherever you go.
  • It ensures that clean power is provided to your home with the help of pure sine wave inverter technology. So one can operate highly sensitive devices like computers on this generator as well.
  • There is another oil alert feature provided which automatically shuts down the generator when the oil level falls below a certain mark.
  • There is a voltage regulator feature, regulating the voltage when it fall or increases.
  • It has an AC outlet of 125 volts and a DC outlet of 12 Volts which can be used for charging batteries.
  • You can connect two of these generators in parallel to get as much as 4000 watts of power so these generators are expandable.
  • 3 years of warranty is provided and it qualifies CSA, EPA and CARB.


Starting up the generator is really easy, one gentle pull of the starter and it comes to life. The Eco throttle feature controls the speed really smartly. The noise level is so low that one cannot hear it from another part of the same house. The device can power up a fridge, ac and a lot of other devices simultaneously. The gas tank can be easily accessed from the top portion of this generator so even when it is running, you can get refuel it pretty easily. There is a reservoir which makes sure that no oil runs down the side of this generator making it messy. It lasts for 7 hours approx, and there is no need to refuel during this phase.

All About Maintenance And Warranty

This EU2000i has 3 years of warranty. So if your generator fails during these periods then you will need no money to repair it. Maintenance is pretty basic. There is oil level indicator which tells you when the oil level is really low so you can fill it up in time.

Addition Of Fuel

To access the main oil reservoir one must remove the side panels. After the removal of these panels, you need to remove the dipstick. Then pour out any old oil it is still in the tank. The oil will however not drip from the sides as there is a sprout just under the reservoir to prevent oil from getting into the engine and hampering with its functioning. Oil can be added with the help of funnels till the tank is full and ready to run again. The best part is that oil can be added even when the engine is running and providing power.

Cleaning Of Air Filters

The air filters are present on the same side as that of the side panel for oil. They can be cleaned easily by unscrewing the cowl which covers the two air filters. Remove the two filters and wash them properly in the sink till all the dirt gets removed from them. You can also use dish soap and warm water to clean it really effectively. Rinse them properly afterward and soak them in oil before you decide to put them back into the generator. Make sure there is not too much oil in the filter but the right amount that is needed.

  • Pros

  • It has got the reliability provided by Honda

  • It is one of the quietest generators

  • Fuel is used efficiently, so it lasts for a long time

  • Cons

  • It can be a bit expensive for some people

All in the entire Honda EU2000i portable generator is worth the money, and you must definitely purchase it if you want good quality and assurance of the product you are buying. This is one of the most top-rated models, and it is recommended that you buy it because of its amazing features. So this product is definitely one of the best that is going to provide you with sound sleep at night due to the quiet technology. Also, it needs less fuel to run as compared to other generators providing the same power. This is why Honda is a class apart from all the other brands, and you must definitely experience what this feels like.

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