How to choose the best quite generator when it comes to wattage capacity and decibel level?

Power consumption needs vary from household to household and no matter what it will always be specific to each of them. For some homes, a specific wattage is a must because of all their essentials while some household has variable wattage requirements. Hence it is their scenarios that becomes very crucial because you need to understand what type of generator suites your needs and how that can be set up in order to cater to your backup energy requirements. So let’s have a quick look into the wattage Guide of every type of device that you might operate in your home and how a quiet or inverter generator can fit into those requirements :

If we talk about small and portable quiet generators that have a wattage capacity of 2000 watts to 4000 watts, you can easily power,

  • A refrigerator which ranges between 600 to 1400 watts.
  • A microwave which has the wattage capacity of 1500 watts approximately.
  • A coffee maker of up to 600 watts.
  • A portable fan as well as a flat screen television each having 120 watts capacity.

On the other hand, a quiet generator which has the wattage range of saying anything between 5000 watts to 8500 watts, you can easily look forward to running,

  • Small portable devices such as a portable heater.
  • A heating system in your home for winters.
  • A computer which can easily consume 250 watts or more.
  • A number of lights in your house to lighten up the entire ambiance.

Just remember that all these items you can power together and not one by one if you decide to go with a quiet generator within this power range.

And then there are surely large portable quiet generators that have the wattage capacity of 10000 watts or more and using those you can power anything and everything from the above mentioned at the same time.

  • You can also increase your scope of powering an air conditioning system that might consume 5000 watts of power.
  • You can also go for powering small water heaters that might consume 3000 watts of power.
  • You can also power large clothes washer that has a wattage range of 1200 watts as well as an electric dryer that can easily consume 5000 watts.

Now let’s come to the aspect of decibel level. For a quiet generator it is very important that we are well aware of how quiet it is and that certainly can be measured by the decibel level of sound that it produces. So to know and understand that clearly, let’s have a look at the below-mentioned decibel guide :

The sound level of normal hearing is at the threshold of 0 dBA
When you whisper, the sound threshold levels at 20 dBA
The threshold of normal conversation is ranged to 60 dBA
The sound level of a normal truck can range up to 90 to 100 dBA
The threshold of a jet engine attached to an aircraft is 120 dBA (when the jet is at 300 feet of distance)
The sound level of a simple gunshot is 140 dBA


So take these two very important aspects into consideration before you decide to buy a quiet generator.

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