When it comes to choosing a generators, make sure what fuel type suits you best!

For many of you who want to own a generator, typically a quiet generator because no one loves the extra noise, the main concern is choosing between what fuel type should I consider spending my money on before I buy that piece of equipment. You will find a variety of generators which consume different types of fuel such as diesel, propane, gasoline, natural gas, or even solar energy. There is some model of generators that function on two different types of fuel while there are many models which function on three different types of fuel. So it is always recommended to decide beforehand what fuel type you are going to spend your money on because after all, it will be an investment every month you will have to make.

Let’s see what are the different types of generators based on their fuel consumption type:

  • Bi-fuel Generators also known as hybrid generators: These are the types of generators that work on the hybrid model of having two different kinds of fuel for operation. These are far better than normal single fuel generators ( single fuel generators are those which consume only just one type of fuel ) because in case of any crisis like the situation when there is limited availability of one type of fuel it can still function on the other type of fuel.  These are much more versatile and user-friendly generators because having the option of two different fuel types not only proves to be economical in terms of money but also convenient in terms of any unwanted emergency situation.
  • Tri-fuel generators which are also known as hybrid generators: As the name suggest, these types of generators work on three different types of fuel and much better than bi-fuel generators. They are also known as multi-fuel generators which have the capability to function on either diesel, natural gas or propane fuel sources. They are more reliable than bi-fuel generators and more versatile for continuous power generation needs. It is often seen that gasoline might be difficult to find in the gas stations because of its limited availability. So the other two sources, propane and natural gas provides convenience in a crisis like situation and never let you suffer from any kind of difficulty. SO make your choice wisely before you decide to spend your money on that piece of equipment.
  • Propane Generators : These are the type of generators that work on propane. Propane is also coined by the term of LPG or liquid petroleum gas and these type of generators have a separate fuel tank from the entire machinery. These type of generators need to be filled periodically and the biggest advantage of these type of generators is that the fuel does not degrade in storage over time. These type of generators are basically used for recreational purposes such as camping or for providing quick emergency backup.
  • Gasoline generators: These type of generators function on gasoline and are by far the cheapest generators than other models. These type of generators needs to be refilled periodically and need proper care and maintenance. On the other hand, gasoline is a very sensitive fuel and quite dangerous to store. But it is also a very efficient fuel than propane or even natural gas. It is perfect to operate a single sized room for anything between 5 to 10 hours.
  • Diesel generators: Diesel generators as obvious from the name, operates on diesel and are far more efficient than the other types of generators mentioned above. They require less maintenance and look after and offer quite a bit more of horsepower per gallon of diesel. So what you eventually get is more output with the fuel the generator is consuming. As they require less amount of maintenance so they have the potential to operate for a longer period of time without requiring much of the maintenance related operations. In terms of durability, these generators are far more durable in comparison to gasoline generators but they come at a price. They are quite expensive and would require you to shed a little bit more money from your pocket. If we talk about safety, then diesel generators are much safer than gasoline generators because the ignition point of diesel is higher than gasoline. So even if it is exposed to a bit warmer surrounding temperature, there won’t be any danger to you. So overall these are one of the best types of generators with quite a little bit of disadvantages.
  • Solar powered generators: These are the type of generators that work using solar energy. They have solar call embedded into their machinery that converts solar energy into electrical energy which eventually fulfills all your power needs. They are environment-friendly generators and causes less pollution because they don’t rely on fossil fuels for their functioning. They rely on one of the unconventional energy sources – solar energy to function which is far better than conventional energy sources like gasoline, natural, diesel, propane, etc

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