Yamaha Ef2000is Inverter Generator Review

The Yamaha ef2000is is a very popular and one of the best portable inverter generators. These inverter generators are quite expensive compared to normal portable generators, but there are also many benefits associated with it like they are much lighter, quieter as well as fuel efficient compared to normal generators. Yamaha generators are the highest graded and value for money products. The Yamaha ef2000is is one of the best portable inverter generators within an affordable price.


Power Output And Engine Displacement

  1. The generator uses a four stroke 79 cc OHV engine of very high quality. A cast iron cylinder is fitted in the inverter generator. The cast iron cylinder helps in enhancing the engine life and efficiency with excellent heat dissipation system.
  2. The product generates a total of 1600 running watts and 2000 surge watts. It comes with Yamaha’s PWM or pulse width modulation which allows the generator to produce a very pure and clean sine wave which is the most ideal for running anything like an air conditioner.
  3. The product can power some large appliances like a fridge, air conditioner, lighting, sump pump and also some other few appliances etc.
  4. If the product is hooked to another inverter of the same model, then it can produce power as much as double around 3000 watts.
  5. This inverter generator is very portable and handy mainly used for tailgating or camping etc.
  6. The products get 16.7 amps including 13.3 running and 120V single phase 60Hz.

Panel Outlets And Meters

  1. 8A 12v DC receptacle for charging.
  2. 120 V NEMA 5-20R outlets and a circuit.
  3. Operating and warning lights, fuel control switches, on/off switches.

Fuel Type And Runtime

  1. The inverter generator has a small gas tank of 1.1 gallons which takes regular unleaded.
  2. The ef2000is can run under 25% load for around 10.5 hours.
  3. This product is very fuel efficient as compared to other inverter generators.
  4. The inverter generator has an economy control switch which when turned on allows the control unit to regulate the speed of the engine concerning connected load. If the switch is off, then the product runs at 4500 rpm.

Size And Convenience

  1. Another great feature of the Yamaha ef2000is that distinguishes it from others is its light weight and compact size.
  2. The product when dry only weighs 44 pounds occupying only 2.2 cubic ft of space (19.3 long, 17.9 high, 11.0 wide).
  3. This convenient and portable nature of the product makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Noise level

  1. The Yamaha ef2000is is very famous for its quite running with very less sound in the market. The product has a muffler system which helps in reducing the noise level from 51.5 dB to 61 dB. The muffler contains a spark arrestor which is approved by USFS.
  2. This noise is almost like whispering. Most people are not even able to tell if it’s running or not until taken a close.
  3. The ef2000is is very favored portable inverter generator by camping lovers.

Start type

The product uses a very simple and easy pull start mechanism which is very reliable. The product starts with just one pull even if it is not used for months.

  1. Starting
  2. Economy control switches off.
  3. Fuel cock on.
  4. Fuel cap air vent on.
  5. Engine switch on.
  6. Recoil pulls.
  7. Choke pull.
  8. Stopping
  9. Economy control switches off.
  10. Electrical devices should be disconnected.
  11. Engine switch off.
  12. Fuel cock off.
  13. Air vent off.

Product Warranty

The product comes with a great manufacturing warranty. The product comes with the warranty of 2 years which applies to the whole inverter and covers all defects in parts and a 3 years warranty for workmanship.

The inverter generator needs the repair/clean of the following things:

  1. Clean/replace of the spark plug in 6 months or 100 hours.
  2. Clean/replace of the air filter in 6 months or 100 hours.
  3. Replace engine oil in 6 months or 100 hours.
  4. Replace/clean of muffler screen in 6 months or 100 hours.

Inside The Box

  1. The Yamaha ef2000is inverter generator.
  2. Charging cord DC battery.
  3. Instruction manual.

Weight And Dimensions

  1. 44 lbs or 20 kg.
  2. Length- 19.3 inches.
  3. Width- 11.0 inches.
  4. Height- 17.9 inches.

Additional Features

  1. Fuel gauge.
  2. Switch for voltage selection.
  3. Gasoline petcock.
  4. Parallel function.
  5. CARB and EPA approved.
  6. Low oil warning.
  7. Spark arrestor.
  8. Auto warms up.
  9. Smart throttle.
  10. Auto decompression.
  11. Circuit breakers in case of overload.
  12. 3-year warranty.
  • Very quiet- 51 to 61 dB.
  • Fuel efficient- economy switch.
  • Lightweight and compact- around 2.2 cubic feet.
  • Legendary reliability- one pull start.
  • CARB compliant.
  • Automatic warm-up for quick power supply from the cold start.
  • Smart throttle for operation with fewer loads.
  • Excellent runtime.
  • Automatic decompression system which provides an easy start.
  • Excellent manufacturing warranty.
  • DC capability to charge 12V.
  • An option of connectivity with another inverter generator.
  • Production of very clean and pure electricity- sine wave.

yamaha ef2000is generator


Purchasers very love the product. The purchasers have given high praise for the product. The Yamaha ef2000is inverter generator has been awarded 4.7 stars out of 5 stars among 165 reviewers in Amazon which is very impressive. Around 84% of the reviewers which is 138 out of 165 rated full five stars for the inverter generator and the remaining 27 reviews were four stars or less.

There are not many portable inverter generators that have got so many five stars. People especially praised the quietness, portability, and reliability of the unit. People were amazed to see how easily the inverter generator starts with just one pull again and again. Most of the negative reviews were for it was underpowered but as discussed above the product is not meant for the large power supply but power supply to large appliances. The Yamaha ef2000is may not be a great emergency power supplier but is an ideal choice for outings and camping etc.

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